During a press conference organized yesterday, the members of the office of the new Moroccan Federation of Service Outsourcing and their support presented all the arguments in favor of their co-optation within the CGEM. 120,000 jobs, a turnover of 14.1 billion dirhams, 1.3 billion dirhams of investments and 9% growth in 2019, not to mention significant development prospects in the high-end of outsourcing. The details.

“The Moroccan Federation of Outsourcing Services (FMES) was recently co-opted by the CGEM because it fulfilled all the criteria which make a federation can be accepted within the employers”. It is in these terms that Ghita Lahlou, president of the Human Capital Commission and spokesperson for the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), set the tone yesterday Tuesday for the first meeting of the FMES with the press. national. According to her, the federation not only ticked the box of the six formal sectors to which any CGEM federation must belong (agriculture, fishing, industry, trade, services and crafts, as defined by the High Commission for Planning), but also the four criteria according to which a federation is important in the national economy.

All CGEM criteria checked
Recalling these four criteria, the spokesperson for CGEM began by citing the weight of this activity in the national economy, recalling that it represents a turnover of 12 billion dirhams, 110,000 jobs and 6 ecosystems. Then, in terms of the specific economic situation, the FMES also stood out, being the 6th largest provider of foreign currency in the kingdom, the 2nd largest provider of jobs after the automobile, and contributing 5% to the growth of the GDP.